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The  bands  study hours are:

Day 9 - 18

Full day 9 - 23

Half day Morning 9 - 13

Half day Afternoon 14 - 18

The production has a studio of 60sqm and a stone's throw from the Arco della Pace in Milan.

It is soundproofed and boasts precious natural lighting thanks to the huge windows; It lends itself to many productions and is equipped with a relaxation area, dressing room, make-up station, light rental and offers a professional and comfortable working environment.

The studio is rented with a studio assistant present for the entire duration of the set, available to the customer with all the equipment that may be necessary and available for hire.

60 m²


We have a lot of continuous lights at  Led in order to satisfy every need.

The lights are of different types: from the LED panel to the spots with lenses  Fresne l.

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